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Tours from Lara

Which excursions can I join in Lara beach? Lara is the closest area to Antalya airport, which welcomes guests who have come to rest in this picturesque and sunny region of Turkey. It is located in the eastern part of the city and consists of eight small districts.

Tours from Lara

Excursions in Lara beach give a wide choice of directions due to their location. Lara is the closest area to Antalya airport, which welcomes guests who have come to rest in this picturesque and sunny region of Turkey. It is located in the eastern part of the city and consists of eight small districts, where there are both residential buildings and luxury hotels. Many people choose this area for its proximity to the airport and the possibility of the most profitable shopping in Antalya because it is here that the largest shopping centers, hypermarkets, and shops of the city are located. Therefore LARA BEACH EXCURSİONS are less time-consuming due to their strategically advantageous location.

The huge Terra City shopping center has many shops and boutiques with original European shoes, stylish clothes, and Turkish knitwear. There are also official representations of world brands, where you can buy clothes and accessories from both new collections and stocks. Shi Mall and Laura shopping centers represent budget brands, mainly local Turkish manufacturers.

Lara Beach

Lara Beach is actually the only beach in the region that boasts a soft coastline of sand, without the inclusion of rocky deposits and pebbles. That is why families with small children and those who value absolute comfort choose to have a rest here. The length of the Lara coast is more than 3 km, and the width is almost 20 meters, which allows you to conveniently place yourself on deserted parts of the beach, feeling truly secluded and comfortable.

There are colorful local cafes and seaside restaurants on the beach of Lara, which attracts attention with its affordable prices and original menus. Fresh fruit and ice-cold drinks, fast food outlets, and full beach infrastructure are always available here: changing places, sun lounger, and shower rental.

Excursions in Lara with My Antalya Tours is an opportunity to spend leisure time at budget prices since we are direct organizers. The range of services provided is large, and author's excursions are also in great demand, where you can choose on your own absolutely everything that you like.

excursions from lara

Historical excursions from Lara have become one of the most popular categories in recent seasons, introducing guests to the exciting part of modern Turkey, in which the features of the most diverse oriental cultures and empires are mixed ... For example, in the combined program of a trip to Demre-Myra-Kekova from Lara guests will be able not only to touch Orthodox shrines and learn more about the life of the famous Nicholas the Wonderworker but also find out why the ancient city of Dolhiste went to the bottom and how huge rock tombs made by the hands of the ancient Lycians were born.

When talking about excursions in Lara, tours to Cappadocia, as well as in every region of Turkey, are not a replaceable leader, because they become a great opportunity to visit a real fairy tale that exists in reality. Guests admire the stunning Martian landscapes of these places, their centuries-old history, and especially, colorful underground cities, carved into rocks, the height of which can reach as much as seven floors.

Excursions for children in Lara

Excursions for children in Lara are also kindly provided by our company. For the youngest guests of our country, we have developed special entertainment programs that will definitely be remembered for a long time and will leave a lot of positive impressions. Among them, tours on a pirate yacht are in the lead, which will take children into a real fairy tale about pirates and lost sea treasures. On a spectacular wooden ship, kids will travel along the sea coast of Antalya, take part in active and fun games from animators, as well as dance heartily at a fiery foamy disco with groovy music.

Children will also like an active rafting excursion - a fun and safe rafting on a mountain river on rubber boats, a trip to water parks or dolphinariums of the region, where they will enjoy a fascinating show program from unusual artists.