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Antalya Buggy Safari

Buggy safari in Antalya is carried out on modern maneuverable cars with convenient controls, which even the most inexperienced beginner can learn. You don't need to have a driver's license or driving experience to get behind the wheel of an original buggy.

Antalya Buggy Safari

We suggest you visit one of the most popular tours - Buggy Safari in Antalya. This will be a good start for exploring the extreme and nature of Turkey. You can not only get a huge amount of emotions, but also get to know more about the colorful nature of the country.

Antalya Buggy Safari Prices

Age Range Price
 1 Passenger 10€
 1 Adult 35€

Antalya Buggy Safari Program

  • Transfer of participants from the hotel for Antalya buggy safari

  • Arrival at the starting point of the tour

  • Briefing about the program, safety rules, training - 20 minutes

  • Beginning of a 15-minute test drive before going off-road

  • Start buggy tour in Antalya

  • The program is designed for an hour and a half on the road from 20 km of self-driving.

  • A 20-minute swim break will be provided during the safari tour.

  • Completion the program and return to base

  • Transfer of participants to hotels back

Persons under 17 years of age are not allowed to drive, they can try a trip accompanied by an adult, choosing 1 buggy for two. It is also forbidden to take the phone and use it on the tour. It is forbidden to participate in this trip of persons with non-compliance with the rules of the program, pregnant women and persons in a state of intoxication. This tour takes place 3 times a day.

Antalya Buggy Safari Important information

  • Tour daysEvery day

  • Tour hours
    09:00 — 18:00

  • Includestransfer in both directions, insurance, an English speakinig guide, helmet

  • Excludesdrinks, personal expenses, photo and video

  • Recommendedwater on the road, preferably dark clothes, so as not to be sorry to get dirty, handkerchief,

The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
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Antalya Buggy Safari Content of the trip

Buggy safari in Antalya is a good start for exploring the changes in the resort region. You can get a huge amount of emotions, but also get to know more about the picturesque Turkish nature.

The safari tour will take place in small off-road vehicles, this is the perfect time for a noisy and cheerful company of friends. Although the transport will be very small, its passability on difficult surfaces cannot but amaze.


The Buggy is a lightweight, maneuverable vehicle designed for off-road or rugged mountainous terrain. It is more comfortable and safer to operate than a standard ATV, is more stable on the surface, and is ideal for those who do not have professional driving skills. Why does it have this name? Initially, its prototype was the Volkswagen Beetle car model, whose name in English sounds like Buggy.

Buggy in Antalya

Buggy in Antalya is an excellent opportunity to ride on beautiful picturesque places of protected nature. You will see a huge amount of vegetation, mountains, rivers, and slopes, as well as amazing pictures of the sea coast. How do you drive a buggy, you ask? It's very simple so you only need minimal skills, which will be explained to you by an experienced master instructor, but you will not need a driver's license at all. One car can accommodate up to two people. For those who prefer a more relaxed vacation than a buggy safari in Antalya, we suggest going on Antalya boat tour.

The total duration of our trip buggy safari in Antalya Turkey will be about three hours. You will be taken to the base by a comfortable bus right from the door of the hotel. Before you start your journey, our qualified craftsmen will give you a short briefing. The Antalya buggy safari program provides a rest stop for a bite to eat, swim in the river or just relax in the sun.

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