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Antalya cable car

A fascinating excursion Cable car Antalya to the top of the highest mountain by funicular, accompanied by English speaking guides. A fun and fun excursion suitable for tourists of all ages, including even small children.

Antalya cable car

Antalya cable car tour for nature lovers, will definitely enjoy the Mount Tahtali excursion from Antalya. You can climb the cable car to one of the highest mountains in Turkey and see all the unearthly beauty of the area.

Antalya cable car Prices

Age Range Price
 1 Adult 50€
 1 Children (7-12) 35€

Antalya cable car Program

  • Collection of vacationers from hotels for an excursion Mount Tahtali from Antalya

  • Transfer and arrival at Olympos Park, by cable car

  • A ten-minute ascent in a cable car, the longest cable car on the Antalya coast.

  • Top of the mountain - free time for a walk (observation deck, walking tour, lunch at a restaurant) - 1-1.5 hours

  • Return to the starting point (descent to the station)

  • Departure to hotels

Antalya cable car Important information

  • Tour daysTuesday, Thursday, friday, Saturday

  • Tour hours
    09:00 — 16:00

  • Includesinsurance, round-trip transfers, guide escort, cable car ticket

  • Excludesown expenses, lunch, drinks

  • Recommendedmoney, warm clothes, water on the road

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Antalya cable car Content of the trip

Antalya cable car tour is a trip for those who have already had time to enjoy the beauty of the mountains Tahtali of this city and want to see something new. This hill is considered the highest point of the famous Lycian Trail and the equally famous Taurus mountain range in Turkey. The height of the mountain range is 2365 meters, this should be taken into account when choosing an excursion Mount Tahtali from Antalya, since the temperature at the top is much lower.

Mount Tahtali - Olympos

According to historical sources, Mount Tahtali was named Olympos and, by analogy with the famous ancient Greek Olympus, the locals believed that gods lived here. Why exactly Tahtali? Translated from Turkish, this name sounds like `` boardwalk ''. In ancient times, the famous Lycian cedar grew on the slopes of the mountain, from which the ships of the invincible Ottoman fleet were made.

The program of the Cable car Antalya begins with the transfer of comfortable air-conditioned buses to your hotel. After that, an insanely picturesque road awaits you along the green mountains and the blue sea. The road itself, before being taken to the foot of the mountain, deserves your attention, revealing the beauty of the Antalya coast before you. Next, the group will board a modern cable car, which will take you straight to the top of this unique hill.

Tahtali Ropeway

The Antalya Tahtali cable car is one of the longest and is 4350 meters long. During our tour, you can see a huge number of landscapes and all the variety of vegetation. Fragrant pine forests, fresh lawns - all this is great for health improvement. Excursion Mount Tahtali from Antalya or Antalya Cable Car allows you to go on a fascinating journey to the very top, but for those who do not dare to conquer the mountains, we suggest visiting Diving in Antalya and explore the population of the deep sea.

Antalya cable car price

Also, during the excursion entry ticket included in price Cable car Antalya, you will have the opportunity to have a snack in a restaurant, drink coffee, enjoying the beautiful panoramas. The cleanest air reigns in the mountains, which will complement your impression of what you see. At the end of the excursion to Mount Tahtali from Antalya, the guides will direct you to buses that will take you directly to their hotels.

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