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Excursions in Antalya with children

Things to do with kids in Antalya and excursions with children are an integral part of family holidays. Turkey is one of the most visited countries in the world. Of course, Antalya is perfect for a family holiday. A mild subtropical climate makes it possible to enjoy your vacation even outside the ``season``. Little travelers will never get bored, because, in addition to comfortable sandy beaches and developed hotel infrastructure, Antalya offers a full range of family entertainment and programs that will be interesting and not fatiguing for the youngest guests.

Things to do with kids in Antalya

We present to your attention the most popular Things to do with kids in Antalya and tours with children, which are ideal to diversify your beach vacation, have fun and introduce your children to something completely new and truly exciting.

Trips to Antalya Dolphinarium

Trips to the Antalya Dolphinarium are a great opportunity to see with your own eyes a spectacular show of dolphins and other marine animals. There is also an opportunity to swim with them in the huge pool.

Antalya Aquapark

Antalya Aquapark is a real paradise for all children, regardless of age. Here you can find a huge number of water slides and entertainment suitable for any age and taste. The pools of the water park are equipped with entire water zones for children, where they can relax in a fun and absolutely safe way.

Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium - this is where curious kids can get acquainted with the incredible world of marine life, observe their behavior and take memorable photos. The aquarium contains several thousand rare fish and marine animals, as well as a special terrarium and even a real snow room. This trip will be fascinating not only for the youngest travelers, teenagers and adults will undoubtedly also be impressed by this place.

Family excursions with children in Antalya are becoming more and more popular among guests from different countries. Older travelers will be interested in strolling along the colorful streets of modern Antalya or taking a photo against the backdrop of the famous ``cotton castle of Pamukkale``. Many kids are delighted with a fun jeep safari in the Taurus Mountains, during which you can fight in the exciting ``water`` battles with neighboring cars.

An incendiary cruise on a pirate yacht along the coast of Antalya, where all conditions for an unforgettable children's holiday, have been created, should become a must-have item on every vacation. Aboard the ship, which seems to have emerged from the pages of adventure books about pirates, the children will enjoy exciting games from animators, a foamy disco, and a huge amount of entertainment. Excursions in Antalya with children do not end there, you can contact our specialists for more detailed information.