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Fire of Anatolia in Antalya

Our team will organize a convenient transfer to the venue of the dance Show "Fire of Anatolia" in Antalya, and also provide our guests with the most comfortable seats in the auditorium, from where the whole stage is visible. Tourists will be able to take breathtaking photos and videos and enjoy a full view of the performance.

Fire of Anatolia in Antalya

If you love bright and spectacular shows, then The dance show Fire of Anatolia in Antalya will be the best choice for your holiday in Turkey. Hurry up to see the performance of the show by the world-famous dance group, which has repeatedly entered the world-famous Book of Records.

Fire of Anatolia in Antalya Prices

Age Range Price
 1 Adult 55€
 1 Children (4-11) 30€

Fire of Anatolia in Antalya Program

  • Collection of tourists from hotels for the Fire of Anatolia show in Antalya

  • Arrival at the venue (arena Gloria-Aspendos)

  • Seating guests

  • Start submission

  • Fifteen-minute break - you can walk around the territory of the amphitheater, take a photo

  • Second part of the speech

  • Return to hotels by comfortable buses

Fire of Anatolia in Antalya Important information

  • Tour daysTuesday, Friday

  • Tour hours
    18:00 — 24:00

  • Includesinsurance, round-the-way transfer, English-speaking guide, theatre tickets for the show.

  • ExcludesAll kinds of drinks

  • Recommendedwater for drinking, insect repellent, money, light jackets

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Fire of Anatolia in Antalya Content of the trip

The dance show Fire of Anatolia in Antalya will certainly receive a flurry of positive responses from fans of bright and spectacular performances and the best choice of leisure activities in Turkey. Hurry up to see the show by the world-famous dance group! On the account of the creative troupe - tours to more than 85 countries of the world, successful shows with an audience of thousands, glorifying the colorful Turkish culture and traditions to the whole world.

Dance group in Antalya concept

The concept of a dance group in Antalya will give you and your loved ones an atmosphere of lightness and celebration during the Fire of Anatolia show in Antalya. This program is one of the most popular programs in the world. As titles, dancers have twice received confirmation of their talent, entered in the Guinness Book of Records. The first was the record for the fastest execution of a pas in one minute, more than 240 times. The second is the largest number of guests at the performance of more than 400,000 people. Well, for those who have already visited this show Fire of Anatolia in Antalya, we suggest seeing with your own eyes the modern Antalya Aquarium

View Program Fire of Anatolia Turkey

The program of Fire of Anatolia performance begins with the fact that you will be brought to the venue of the Fire of Anatolia show in Antalya, the guide will show you your seats in the best sectors of the theater. The ensemble itself was founded in 1999 and after only one year has already started giving performances. The atmosphere of the show is truly breathtaking and cannot be described in words, you need to see and feel it yourself. The dance group has several programs in their repertoire, one of which can be seen in "Troy" and "Fires of Anatolia: Evolution".

  • "Troy" - the greatest dance performance based on the famous work of Homer.
  • " Fires of Anatolia " - a dance show that conveys all the most significant spiritual and cultural heritage of the Turkish people, speaks about the authentic customs and traditions of the Eastern people in the language of dance.

The masters have been showing the polished and choreographed choreography of folk, classical and modern dances over the years. And the costumes of amazing beauty amaze the eye and hold the viewer until the very end. Therefore, we can say with confidence that the Fire of Anatolia show in Antalya will win your heart.

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