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Turkish Maldives Antalya Suluada boat trip

Turkish Maldives Antalya Suluada boat trip - a complete, interesting tour program for a great family vacation away from the city noise. Safe transfer services, English guide forever, full insurance, visitor satisfaction guarantee,

Turkish Maldives Antalya Suluada boat trip

Suluada Island boat tour from Antalya is a unique journey to places unfamiliar to tourists in the Turkish Mediterranean. A great place for lovers of complete peace and quiet away from the bustle of the city and crowded places. The beauty of an island without people will surprise adults and children.

Turkish Maldives Antalya Suluada boat trip Prices

Age Range Price
 1 Adult 25€
 1 Children (5-12) 17€

Turkish Maldives Antalya Suluada boat trip Program

  • The tour program begins with the transportation of guests from hotels by bus.

  • Arrival at the port and boarding the yacht

  • The first place to visit in Sulu Ada is Love Beach, a heavenly place to relax.

  • Swimming break 40 minutes

  • The tour then proceeds to the next stop, Fener Bay in the Turkish Maldives.

  • 40 minutes swimming break

  • The third point of Turkish Maldives Antalya Suluada boat trip will be Cave Bay.

  • Swimming and sunbathing time - 40 minutes

  • The last point of the program will be an unusual bay, where inside the sea with salt water there is a certain zone with fresh water.

  • End of the tour return to the seaport

  • Transfer of participants back to hotels

Turkish Maldives Antalya Suluada boat trip Important information

  • Tour daysEvery day

  • Tour hours
    08:00 - 18:00

  • IncludesRound-way transfer, lunch, insurance, boat trip with a visit to the bays, English-speaking guide

  • Excludespersonal expenses, drinks

  • Recommendedswimwear, towels, sunscreen

The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
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Turkish Maldives Antalya Suluada boat trip Content of the trip

Turkish Maldives Antalya Suluada boat trip is an excellent choice for lovers of complete unity with the beauties of nature and silence next to the tranquility and glare of the purest, turquoise water, creating the illusion of shining diamonds. This is a very advantageous offer, with increased comfort, you will visit not only the Suluada Island from Antalya but also other equally picturesque bays and islands located nearby. And you can enjoy real Turkish national cuisine right on board a beautiful yacht. Here you will get acquainted with the unique nature and its inhabitants. All this is worth your time and attention.

The second name of this incredible place is the Turkish Maldives. Because of the incredibly beautiful, turquoise color of the water and white sand. In Turkey there is more than one place called Turkish Maldives, it is Salda lake in Burdur.

What is the Suluada island really like?

Suluada Island in Turkey is a small massif, of volcanic origin, thanks to which there are also mineral springs of water. For their sake, local residents come here along with excursions from the famous village of Adrasan located 10 kilometers away.
People are sure that local water copes well with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Suluada Island Antalya is so well preserved due to its low popularity among tourists, the road to it is not easy and lies only on the water from the port of Adrasan. Groups are delivered here on comfortable transfers directly to the port. Groups of tourists began to carry here relatively recently.
Therefore, we strongly recommend Suluada Island Boat Trip From Antalya to those who are tired of noisy, city streets full of people. Those who want to see something new and enjoy the charm of nature, take a break from fussy thoughts.

Suluada Island boat tour from Antalya will not make you bored or regret it. During the program, you will see with your own eyes several bays, islands, and beaches of incredible beauty, which will not only be a quiet and peaceful place to relax but also excellent photo locations for the best photos from your vacation.

How to get from Antalya to Suluada island cheap?

Getting from Antalya to Suluada island cheap has several options!
One of them is to rent a car in Antalya and visit yourself. The second way is to use public transport. But the easy way at an affordable cost to get to Suluada island is to participate Antalya boat tour there.

Suluada Island boat tour from Antalya is the best option to prove the amazing beauty of these places. The sights of the Suluada from Antalya, the uniqueness of the nature of this area is its main feature. The comparison of many local residents with the Maldives, the island of Suluada justified one hundred percent. The turquoise waters, combined with white sand, are very reminiscent of an advertisement for the famous chocolate bar with the motto "Paradise Delight".

In addition to the color, the water will please with its purity, this is a great place for snorkeling. But be careful with the undercurrents. Especially in Akseki Bay, because they become the main obstacle on the way to the numerous treasures hidden here. But, if you don’t find a profit for your hands, don’t be discouraged, Akseki Bay will give you food for thought by sharing your legends about true love. These are the sights of Suluada Island from Antalya you will see in the first part of the tour.

Three wonderful beaches at the disposal of our guests are waiting for them during the tour. All of them have many advantages that every tourist should get acquainted with. The unique natural and animal world of each beach will surprise you with its features. And they won't let you waste your free time. After an active acquaintance with something new and interesting, you need to gain strength. A delicious and satisfying lunch break from Turkish national fish dishes will help you with this.
The main stars and main attractions of the Adrasan Suluada Island in Turkey are the rarest Caretta Carreta turtles, which will now live not only here and on the pages of the Red Book, but also in your photo album. They love nesting here and raising their offspring.

Suluada Island boat tour from Antalya,Turkish Maldives Antalya Suluada boat trip

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