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Historical tours in Antalya

Historical excursions from Antalya will be an excellent opportunity to get acquainted personally with the richest history, in the creation of which several ancient civilizations were directly involved. Each of them has left its indelible mark in the form of priceless historical monuments and attractions that still attract the attention of many tourists. Getting to know these unique places will help you learn more about how Turkish culture was born and developed and touch the priceless heritage of our ancestors.

Resort Antalya

Resort Antalya, today, is the largest modern metropolis. However, on its streets, the Old Town's numerous historical monuments have survived to this day. Built by order of the ruler of Pergamum Attalus II, named after its founder Attalia, and in those years was considered a real ``paradise`` among the Taurus Mountains. The ancient region of Kaleici is the historical heart of Antalya, and you can visit here on numerous sightseeing tours around the city. Here are the famous Hadrian's Gate, the huge Yivli minaret, and the symbol of this area - the picturesque Hidirlik tower. Historical excursions from Antalya should start with getting to know Antalya itself.

Excursions to Cappadocia

Excursions to Cappadocia are the most popular historical excursions from Antalya. Going on vacation to Turkey, lovers of historical tours will not be able to ignore the rich trips to Cappadocia - an amazing country where nature has mixed with ancient history. It is from here that the history of Christianity originates, there is a huge number of rocky Orthodox churches, priceless frescoes, and underground rooms, where priceless historical riches are hidden. Travelers are attracted by the extraordinary magical landscapes of Cappadocia and, of course, the legendary hot air balloon parade that takes place every day.

Excursion to Pamukkale

An excursion to Pamukkale is one of the obligatory points of the excursion program for every tourist who is fond of history and unusual sights. Undoubtedly, historical excursions from Antalya are directed to Pamukkale. The majestic snow-white terraces, as if created from huge snowdrifts, were formed thousands of years ago and still attract guests with their fabulous views. Nearby is the ancient city of Hierapolis, perfectly preserved to this day. Travelers will be able to stroll along its ancient streets and buildings, look into a huge amphitheater or the Necropolis - the largest City of the Dead.