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Hamam Antalya

Hamam Antalya with My Antalya Tours is a guaranteed great pastime in any corner of Turkey, at a convenient time for you. Our goal is the high quality of the services provided and the safety of our customers in the Turkish bath.

Hamam Antalya

Hamam Antalya is a great start to your vacation. The procedures of the turkish bath Antalya with massage will perfectly help you to improve your beauty and health with the help of our masters.

Hamam Antalya Prices

Age Range Price
 1 Adult 20€
 1 Children (7-12) 15€

Hamam Antalya Program

  • Transfer from the hotel in a comfortable car to the hammam in Antalya

  • Warming up the body in a steam sauna

  • Body peeling with a special cotton kese mitt and relaxing massage with natural olive foam - deeply cleanses pores, improves blood circulation ( 20 minutes)

  • Tea drinking in the relax zone (various drinks and fruits)

  • Face mask

  • Olive oil massage for all body - 20 minutes

  • Open-air pool

  • Return to hotels by a comfortable car.

  • The total treatment time is about 2 hours.

Hamam Antalya Important information

  • Tour daysEvery day

  • Tour hours
    10:00 - 17:00

  • Includestransfer, sauna, foam massage, peeling, oil massage, face mask, tea-coffee, guide services, towel, slippers

  • Excludesadditional services in the hammam, personal expenses,

  • RecommendedSwimwear, hair shampoo

The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
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Hamam Antalya Content of the trip

Hamam Antalya - Hammam is a Turkish bath made entirely of stone, which allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in all rooms. The walls are decorated with magnificently beautiful tile panels, fascinating with their patterns. The highest temperature is 50 degrees, but the moisture reaches 100%. There are also rooms with a lower temperature. Since ancient times, all rooms have been carefully planned in such a way that moisture condensation, collecting, does not drip onto the head. In the center of the rooms, there is a stone, the temperature of which is several degrees higher than the body temperature. This, in turn, allows you to relax as much as possible during various procedures.

Antalya Massage price

Antalya Massage price changes depending on your duration, type of massage, and package. For detailed information just contact us. Visiting a hamam in Antalya for a small surcharge, you can get various additional services. Such as steam room cleansing pores, or aroma procedures. One of the most pleasant procedures in the Turkish hammam in Antalya is a foam massage, after which your skin will become as silky as a baby's. In a huge special bag, foam is whipped, with pleasant aromas of eucalyptus or olive. Then you will be gently rubbed with this substance. You can rinse in a hammam in Antalya from the original bowls called Kurna. At the end of such a holiday, it will be great to visit the amazing show Fire of Anatolia in Antalya.

Antalya Turkish bath

Antalya Turkish bath has always been liked by all tourists, without exception. An excellent confirmation of a huge number of positive responses. From ancient times, all the secrets of beauty were kept in marble walls, where healing rituals were hidden from prying eyes. During the Ottoman Empire, the temperature was maintained with hot water in pipes located under the floors, and the water itself was heated in special stoves. It is better to visit the hammam in Antalya immediately after arriving on vacation before your skin has not yet been injured by the scorching sun. Your skin will be cleansed of the old epidermis and it will shine with vitality and energy again.

Hamam in Antalya cost

The price of a hamam in Antalya for an adult is 25.

By entrusting your vacation to My Antalya Tours, you guarantee yourself a wonderful vacation in any corner of Turkey and at any time convenient for you. We care about the services provided and the safety of our customers.

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