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Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival

In Antalya, on Lara Beach, a sand sculpture festival is held annually. This event is recognized as one of the largest in the world in terms of the number of exhibits

Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival

Antalya Sand Sculpture Festival takes place all year round. It is open to everyone from 9 am to 11 pm, from May to November. In winter, it works until 21.00. This is the place where ten thousand tons of sand have been turned into masterpieces by the hands of masters from around the world. When you've already been here, but not this year, it's worth it again. You will see completely different exhibits. The theme changes every year. And in the evening, illumination is connected, which creates a magical atmosphere, decorating exhibits and an area of ​​10 sq. km.

How to get to the sand sculpture festival in Antalya by public transport

How to get to the sand sculpture festival in Antalya by public transport - you need to take the KL08 minibus, which stops in the old city at Hadrian's gate. You need to go straight to the final stop, where you will have to walk 100 meters along the beach. It is also convenient to get to the sand sculpture festival in Antalya by a rented car because the distance between Antalya and Lara is only about 20 km.

Since the festival of sand sculptures in Antalya is held outdoors, the craftsmen care not only about the strength of the form but also about the strength of the sculptures. They retain their shape when it rains, thanks to the river sand. Its grains of sand with sharp edges are tightly closed with each other and do not crumble under adverse weather conditions.

Outskirts of Antalya

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